Do we need to make a booking?

Bookings are only necessary if you are a big group of 20 people or over.

How can I get my photos that were taken on the day?

All photos get posted on Facebook and Instagram approxiametely one week after your initial visit. You are welcome to take your own photos. However no personal photos can be taken in the Laser area due to no phone policy inside the game.

Where will our belongings be kept during the games?

A Locker and a key will be provided to you to place all your belongings. Lost key will be charged at Rs200.

How long is the Laser Game?

It is 20 mins each game. Why 20 mins? Laser is a very physical game and 20mins is more than enough for a good game. You are welcome to have 2 or 3 games but will be divided in 20mins so that you have a rest in between.

Are we mixed with other groups or idividuals during games?

Yes, individuals or groups will be placed with each other to create different teams.

Do kids need an adult with them or do they just play with one another?

It is not required as a rule. If they want a parent or a grown up with them that is fine with us or if they want to play alone with other kids or players that is fine. Choice is up to you

How long is each gaming experience?

Laser 20mins each Game All Virtual Reality 10mins each session Flight Similutors 10mins each session Racing car simulator 10mins each session Playstation 30 mins or 1hour

What do you provide for Birthday parties? Can we bring our own cake?

We provide for you a private room for 1hr 30mins max, a birthday cake, soft drinks, fruit juice, water and a gift for the birthday boy or girl (FUNZONE t-shirt & cap). You have the choice of either 2 or 3 games. (See price&packages) Yes you can bring your own cake but no food or drinks from outside, it is not allowed by the company. Birthday Parties need to be booked in advance!

Once the booking is made can the time and date be adjusted?

Yes you can make adjustments but let us know in advance.

Is there a limited amount of players for the games?

36 people max in the laser game. 6 people minimum. If you have less in your group you can join other people and/or the staff 1 person per virtual reality or simulator machine (number of machines available) 2 person per Playstation

What should I wear?

Please wear light sporty clothes in black or dark colours Please avoid white or anything florescent becuase you will become more visible in the laser game. Wear comfortable shoes like trainers

What is the minimum age limit for children and what is the height requirement?

We recommend the minimum age to be 7 years old so that they understand how to play and are tall enough. Height requirement is 1m 20cm

Where do we put our phones?

Phone is strictly forbidden in the laser game. Phones will have to be placed in provided lockers before the briefing Lost key is charged at Rs200.

Do we need to bring ID?

ID is required and necessary Students to present a student card

Is alcohol or smoking allowed on site?

Strictly NO alcohol. NO smoking inside! Smoking is allowed ONLY outside

Is there food and drinks?

Yes. For snacks & drinks soft srink, juice, water, crisps, biscuits, chocolate & ice cream are available to purchase at the reception We also have Pizza from Pizza GoGo which you can order from Please No outside food or drink inside the premises

Is the Laser safe? Is it real Laser?

It is a safe game It will not effect the eyes There is no real laser it is based on infrared light technology When you are shot you do not feel any pain